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  1. I am currently attempting to get rid of a virus as a favor for a friend of mine. Because this computer was infected while I was not present (and over a year ago), there are some symptoms that I am not privy to have experienced. My friend downloaded a bunch of anti-virus software in attempt to clear the problem herself, so there is likely some more cleanup to do with respect to that issue as well. What I've attempted so far is to remove some programs using Windows uninstall, I removed "StopZilla", updated Avast! Antivirus, and downloaded an performed a full scan using Malwarebytes'. It is with the Malwarebytes' log that I am unsure of how to proceed. What is my next step? I appreciate any help that can be provided. I have uploaded the log file (I hope that is proper procedure). mbam_log_2010_11_30__18_48_44_.txt