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  1. Exile, thank you for your reply. I contacted support March 25 and am waiting for a refund. Received support same day! The information on how to exclude Avast! and MBAM are completely different as to what I was advised on this board. Perhaps sometime in future I will try MBAM PRO again with those emailed instructions.
  2. You at MBAM would like to know that I had to uninstall the PRO version due to lack of Customer Support. Browsing improved a little when I did the above but not enough. I am so NOT pleased!!!!! $$ down the drain!!!!! Now that I have uninstalled MBAM PRO my browser experience is back to what it was prior to installing it. I excluded MBAM and Avast! free from each other as shown in the given link for Avast! v6 as last resort and that didn't help either. I used to have MBAM in high regards but you lost yourself a customer, but you won't complain because you already have my $$ eh?
  3. Forgot to write in my reply that now with above quote, my browsing speed has improved.
  4. For now I have unticked the box in MBAM PRO: *start malicious website blocking when protection module start* until I get an answer to my above questions. Ofcourse, the module now says *partial enabled* TIA
  5. Thanks for your reply. I have these 4 shields because I don't need the other ones. That's why I did a custom install of Avast Free. After installation of MBAM PRO I noticed that speed in browsing has slowed down considerably. You referred me to a link of Avast 6 so am not sure if the advice for exclusions is still the same. Win 7 Home Premium, x64. TIA
  6. Hi, Just purchased (again) your PRO version and have a few questions. 1. Do the above programs conflict with each other? If so, do they need to be excluded from each other or not? I have 5 shields in Avast, being File System - Web - Network - Behavior - Script. In MBAM, Protection: all boxes are ticked. 2. If in conflict which Avast shields or which MBAM Protection boxes would need to be disabled/unticked? 3. Avast! told me a few years back to disable the protection in MBAM because their web shield was doing a better job. I didn't expect another answer though. 4. I need to know if these 2 software can get along with eachother just the way I have it or not. 5. Please provide me with an honest answer. TIA
  7. Great!! Thank you, that's great!! Yes, I did exclude both Avast and MBAM Pro previously and had bookmarked the link you referred me to.
  8. Thank you for your replies. See, the crunch is that my old XP desktop is stored away in our locker because it won't work anymore. Sorry I should have explained it better in my 1st post. I downloaded MBAM free the 1st day after Win 7 was set up and files transferred from XP to Win 7 by an IT Tech. Forgot to tell the IT Tech that I had MBAM PRO. Bummer!
  9. Since a week I have a new Desktop, PC Win 7 - 64 bit. Prior to that I had an XP Desktop with MBAM Pro on it. Not using XP anymore but the license ID and Key # are still on the latter which the IT Tech did not remove. Luckily I saved the license # in a printout. Invoice date was Nov 30, 2010. Questions: 1) Can I use my license on my new desktop? 2) Does MBAM PRO work along side the 2 software: Avast! free and Windows Defender? TIA
  10. Hi Mainard, Yes, I did exactly what you have shown in your last post. However, I do have a doubt here and that is: As you notice, PC Tools Firewall Plus is a Firewall and not an Antivirus. To allow MBAM in PC Tools means that MBAM is allowed to run and is therefore not an exclusion? Difference in browsing is not much and some pages take a lot more time, compared to what I noticed when running the Windows XP Firewall. Thank you.
  11. Some additional info: I checked under "Settings" in PC Tools Plus v 7 and don't see "Global Action List". Possible since I installed the standard version and not the custom one. Thank you.
  12. Hi Mainard! When I read your last post I was copying halfway the info and had to leave due to supper ready. Now I came back and poof!! all the pics and explanations have gone. Therefore have been unable to do anything yet. Are you testing what you posted initially? Thank you. I'm looking forward to your answer and the results of your testing.
  13. Sorry some additional info:I can't see in the PC Tools Free FW v 7 any way to exclude items in case that would be necessary. Thank you.
  14. Hi Maynard, Sorry it took so long to get back to you, was away from home. I did take your latest advice to temporarily shut down the PC Tools Plus Free FW v 7 and enabled MBAM website blocking. I did substitute the XP Windows firewall in the meantime of course. To my surprise the browsing experience is almost lighting fast. So there must be something in that perhaps the new PC Tools Plus 7 is the culprit? Their new version 7 came out around the time that I downloaded the Pro version of MBAM. Since their previous version 6 ran smoothly and fast I assumed that their new version would do the same. What would be the best way to handle the above? Windows XP Firewall is not so good and I really like PC Tools as it is a virtual non chatting FW. I'm looking forward to your answer for the best solution and thank you in advance.
  15. Thank you Mainard. Your suggestions did the trick!! I also unticked the "Show tooltip..." etc. on the "Protection" page because I figure it belongs to the "Start malicious website blocking... " etc. ?