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  1. That is indeed what i mean. I do not like having a crowded desktop, so i place programs i use on a daily basis as a shortcut in my start menu through means of the right mouse button menu. With MBAM v1.46 you could do that, but so far it appears that v1.50 does not allow this anymore?
  2. Ok i am getting the feeling that my question is being ignored completely and i think that is some what rude. It may be a simple thing and the solution might be simple as well but i have no idea what that solution is. So for the third time i ask...why can i not do what i mentioned in this post:;#entry353703
  3. No one else has noticed this?
  4. First, congratulations on the new release it works good and fast. But...and this maybe nitpicking on my side but why can i no longer add a MBAM shortcut in my start menu?
  5. Hello everyone, I un-installed IZArc 4.1 today with Revo-uninstaller because i hat gotten my license key for ALzip 8.0. After i installed the new program i rebooted. The last scan with MBAM Free that i made before today was three days ago, and MBAM did not find any problems on my HD. But after the removal of IZArc and installing Alzip i hat MBAM do a full scan, and apparently i hat forgotten to remove the program folder for IZArc, because MBAM reported the following result: C:\Program Files\IZArc\arc.izp (Trojan.FakeAlert) -> Quarantined and deleted successfully. How can MBAM give this result now while the program was removed, but not while the program was still installed? It is not a huge problem, and i know that no progam is perfect but it is a bit weird. At the time of the scan i hat the following version of MBAM: MBAM Free version: 1.46 Database version: 4305
  6. Ok, thanks Swandog46.
  7. Maybe i am paranoid but i have to check. Has the fingerprint database been lowered again? Because just now after i updated, the database seems to be lowered even more then i mentioned in my thread in february?
  8. Ah thanks for making me feel more at ease now Fatdcuk. B)
  9. Since i can not edit my previous post i will have to do it this way. I searched around and saw that this person "edge" hat the same problem. Considering what i wrote in my post above this one...about having deactivated Aviras self protection and manual update for Windows, can i as such assume that it is also a false possitive in my case, and have MBAM ignore it from now on?
  10. Ok this morning i hat MBAM scan my HD and it found nothing that time. So i went to work and after i got home i checked if there was a update, which there was. My database is version 1855 now. But to get to the point...i haven't been on the internet all day and after the update this afternoon, i hat MBAM scan my HD again...and now i suddenly got this result: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Security Center\AntiVirusDisableNotify (Hijack.SecurityCenter) -> Bad: (1) Good: (0) -> No action taken. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Security Center\UpdatesDisableNotify (Hijack.SecurityCenter) -> Bad: (1) Good: (0) -> No action taken. I didn't place the entire logfile since it is in Dutch but i find it weird that i didn't get this warning in the morning...but i did just now? The reason why i am not sure if this is really a threat is because i have deactivated the self protection from Avira. Maybe not smart, but when i play a game i want to be able to deactivate as much as possible. I have also set Windows so that i check myself for updates and not automatic. So with that in mind should i take action or can i ignore this warning?
  11. Yeah same here.
  12. I also got that message. It could be that they hold back updates to see what is causing this date problem. But i could be very wrong on that one.
  13. Hey you are right, i hat not even noticed it myself?
  14. Oops i got to learn to check other parts of the forum, and not just the General forums. I am really sorry about that exile360. But thank you for both the welcome and for providing the link to that topic.
  15. Hello everyone, In december last year i started using the freeware version of Malwarebytes, and i really like it. But today i noticed something weird after i checked for updates. When i checked, i saw a bigger download was being made so i thought..ah also a new version of the program. After the update the version showed v1.34 and the database shows version 1753. BUT..before the update the amount of malware and such that could be recognized was 71400 for me. After the update this suddenly dropped down to 68396? Sorry if i sound a bit paranoid here but i am no computer expert so i thought i should check here to see if there is a reason for the sudden big drop in the database?