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  1. Hello - I downloaded this program some time ago at the suggestion of someone at a forum I use for people that have Hewlett Packard computers. I ran it a few times & it never came back showing anything wrong. Recently I downloaded a program I shouldn't have (I only realized this after I had done it). I described my problem to the folks at the Hewlett Packard forum & it was suggested that I go here for help....so that's what I'm doing. I guess the best thing is for me to just copy & paste what I wrote to that forum. I'm really hoping somebody her can help me out. I've been using computers for about 6 years & I'm self taught.....so I'm a long way from being a computer whiz. But I do know a lot more about them from when I started. OK - here is the problem as I described it to the other forum. I downloaded a program called "iMesh". Soon after I realized there was spyware/adware/malware with this program. I did the full scan of my system with "Malwarebytes Anti-Malware" (the free version). It found 109 items of malicious software on my system. I know that all of it is from the iMesh program. 107 of 109 Vendors were all the same "PUP.Dealio". The categorys were all either File, Registry Key, Registry Value, Memory Process, or Folder. Under Item - each of the 109 have file names . A few of them have under the "Other" heading, some value with #'s & Letters after the word Value. The last heading is "Action Taken" & everyone of them on the list under this heading says "No Action Taken". The 2 of the 109 that don't have PUP.Dealio as the Vendor...have "Adware.WidgiToolbar" as the vendor. These are also the only 2 that have checkmarks in the box to the left of them. The heading of this whole list says: SCANNER - Below is a list of malicious software found on your system. Close all unnecessary applications to ensure successful threat removal. My problem is...I don't know what is necessary & what is not. Is it all unnecessary? Some of it? Things that have to do with the REGISTRY worry me because I'm fairly new to computers & I know that it is possible to really mess things up by doing something you shouldn't. I don't understand why under the "Action Taken" heading....they all say "No Action Taken". Does that mean it always leaves it up to the user whether or not to take action? But that doesn't make sense...because there is no need for the heading if it always says "No Action Taken". It looks like you just manually put a checkmark in the box to the left of all of these & then click on the button that says "Remove Selected" if you want to remove them. There are only 2 that already have the checkmark in them....& those are the two I mentioned above that were the only one's different than the other 107. I hope somebody is familiar with "Malwarebytes Anti-Malware" & can help me with this. HELP - Any answers, comments, suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Since I don't know what to do...I just used the "Save Log" option. If I have to run the whole scan over (which took a little over an hour...then I will do that when I know what to do at that point).