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  1. Maybe you should block all IPs addresses ? This would prevent all your end-users from being infected! I do not understand why you cannot use a whitelist for all well-known safe domains on these IPs addresses. You are currently affected several legitimate organizations. Because you are blocking several legitimate web sites, I may consider that MBAM is a malware and so I can write a tool to detect and suppress MBAM. Blocking legitmate web site is definitely malware behaviour. I truly do not understand why you are not trying to do something on your own (instead of just hidding behind OVH) to solve this False Positive.
  2. It is definitely because you're blocking legitimate sites, in my concern I used to recommand MBAM around me, including the commercial version of MBAM, but I'm afraid I will stop recommanding your product. Preventing people from accessing legitimate web sites is neither "security" nor "protection", it is filtering. Please reconsider your positions and do something for all legimate web sites you are blocking on this IP. Thank you.