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  1. Firefox, Topspin IS the person having the issue on his computer. I have helped him personally in the past but could not solve this problem and I am the one who told HIM to come here, create an account for your help, which he did on March 15th. . You have been working with him and only him throughout this thread.
  2. I am sorry guess I mis-read, but as I said, my personal recommendation after using it for probably 10 years is Avira Free. It is excellent, no conflicts with anytthing, paid or free. Provides excellent protection and consistently is one of the highest ranked AV programs on All independent testing by AV-Comparitives and AV-Test. https://www.avira.com/en/avira-free-antivirus
  3. We don't know which version the OP is using of Malwarebytes' (Free or Paid) and that is why I posted. We know the AV program is a paid version because Norton does not offer a Free version. I know that the Malwarebytes' Free version will not interfere with an anti-virus program but I have seen anti-virus programs not allow the Malwarebytes' Free to scan. Personally, no I have not had that issue but have seen others with the problem of the Free version scan being stopped by an AV program.
  4. I've used Malwarbytes' Free since it first was released. I use Avira Free and have for years and years. Have had both programs on an XP, Windows 7 and now Windows 10 and have never had one day of conflict between those two programs. I have never set an exception for one or the other in either program and both have always worked perfectly for me on all of my machines. So I'm a bit surprised that conflicts were found with 6 different AV programs and Malwarebytes' and I would like to know which programs also.
  5. Thank you. Since this is not my computer and I am not able to get to it then I will recommend to my friend that he come here, join and post for assistance. Thanks!
  6. I am trying to help a friend here. For several weeks his Malwarbytes' Free will stall on Pre-Scan operations and go no further. I had him uninstall MBA-M, download a brand new copy and try again. Same results. Finally decided infection was possible cause and tried using Chameleon but the program would still stall on Pre-Scan Operations. Finally booted to safe mode and ran MBA-M which then found one instance of Trojan Win32 Tracur.AV and quarantnined it . That was all that was found during that scan. Rebooted to normal mode, ran TDSKiller, no rootkit found. Ran Combofix and removals were also done with it. Used SUPERAntispyware, nothing found. ESET Online Scanner found nothing. Hitman Pro found nothing. Tried again to run Malwarebytes' and again it stalled on Pre-Scan operations. This time I had him use mbam-clean.exe to remove Malwarebytes' and download a brand new copy and install. All went well, MBA-M removed, new copy downloaded and installed and scan ran without a problem. Now again this morning he tried to run a scan and again Malwarbytes' stalled for 42 minutes on Pre-Scan Operations. He closed the program and contacted me. Now I contact you. He is running an HP Desktop computer, 32bit Windows 7. Avira Free. Windows Firewwall, SpywareBlaster. I am at a loss now. We have been doing all this via email as we are in different states. Would really appreciate help on this.
  7. Thank you so much KenW, worked like a charm!
  8. In the previous version of MBA-M v.1.75, users had the option of scanning a single file. The ability to do this was especially helpful when downloading a file or new program from the internet before doing an install of the file or program. You could just right click on the file and choose "Scan selected file/files with Malwarebytes'" I don't do a lot of downloading but just realized I no longer have this option with my MBA-M v. even show when right clicking a newly downloaded file. Why was this discontinued or if it IS still possible to do then how can this be done? I have looked through Custom Scan options and have not found this option any place. I would hope if this has truly been discontinued that it seriously be reconsidered.
  9. I do, have run all versions of both programs, FREE versions of both, for years. Are you having a problem with one of them?
  10. So far, this appears to have corrected the problem. I will let you know if it changes again to the generic icon
  11. Is this for the new version? The last I read the mbam-clean.exe did not work on the new version.
  12. Reboots obviously have not helped the problem, it has been this way since I installed the program. The program itself works perfectly. I following install instructions, install on top of previous version. I have the short cut in the Dell Dock, it shows normally there but when the program runs it shows on the task bar as generic, also is generic in the Start, All Programs folder. So I have to totally uninstall the program and do a brand new install?
  13. Odd occurance with MBA-M v. 2. Program works great, but the program Icon shows as a generic Icon. Anybody else have this problem? I know of one other person with the same thing. How do we get the Icon back?
  14. No need for apology. You posted the links for the user manual so a lot of other people who haven't yet read it now have the links, that's a good thing to do!
  15. The first thing I do when a new program or a new version of a program is released is to download the User Manual if one is available, which of course as you pointed out, there is and I have read through it all multiple times. The reason I asked the question is because there are no real instructions for running the Custom scan contained in the manual and knew this would be the place to receive that answer.