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  1. AnyDVD found a new dll file that blockes the user from making movies, my computer is infected with it. Is there any hope Malwarebytes may come out with a fix for this?
  2. I have a lifetime membership for Malwarebytes but I cannot activate the program. I also cannot log onto y account after resetting my password. I've emailed you several times with no reply. You are not the same company where customers mattered! You have gotton to big and lost your commitment to users! Please fix my account t and lifetime membership. I've had to redo my laptop several times due to infections / malware.
  3. report the message to speed up its removal
  4. Nice Weather
  5. I have 3 computers a laptop for everyday use home computer for everyday use and soon to be a computer for only downloading torrents files Is my key good for all 3 don't wanna get blacklisted...
  6. I want to clarify the problem is downloading the Vuze program, to install onto the computer. I have Vuze installed on the computer now and download movies on a regular basis with all green lights which means my port forward and … is working perfectly. Watched Real Steel AVI Movie Download yesterday, a little dark in spots… decent movie. Kind of a Rocky Movie with a father and son team twist, great for the family.
  7. No, I don't havw a Windows Vista 64 bit CD, I have a recovery disk. Thought about that and having vista repair itself. Then I would have reinstall all the updates and still maybe faced with the same problem. Not to mention some programs would probably have to uninstalled and reinstalled. It would be a major event. I would prefer to live with the problem than going through all that. Have a Windows 7 Utimate Disk but took it off the computer for one reason or the other. Cannot remember if it ate to much memory or what the reason was but it must have been a good reason to let the program sit on the self. Thought about buying a copy of Vista... I really think it's the servers problem since I only have this problem with Vuze, OmniTrader and Map Updates for Garmin But all the companies say I'm the only one having trouble. I just recent post on Explorer 9 Forum maybe someone has seen this problem before. It would be nice to know what that number means in the pic about with the error message but I goggled it and could not come up with anything... Thanks
  8. downloaded and installed explorer 9 file downmanager and used it. It gave me an error message