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  1. Hi MBAM's support team, after update MBAM to version 1.70, I have this error when I try to start MBAM... Do you have any tips, how can I fix it - windows XP SP3 ? I tried reinstal MBAM but without success... Thx for your response regards, vyosek - moderator and lecturer of antimalware forum viry.cz
  2. Thans for your time, nosirrah. Sincerely vyosek - counselor forum viry.cz
  3. I know that MBAM is not the only one who refers to the T-Cleaner as malware. But the utility is developed by members of the forum, which is ASAP. Antivirus erroneously called compression, which is used. For most large AV companies (ESET, AVG, Avast, Microsoft), the forums require an exception.
  4. Good morning, I would like to report a false detection MBAM program. MBAM utility identifies the T-Cleaner as a malware. T-Cleaner is used to clean the system after the application utilities such as ComboFix, Avenger, GMER, UsbFix, etc. T-Cleaner is developed and used by the Czech anti-malware forum viry.cz http://www.viry.cz/forum/index.php - Members of the ASAP Would it be possible to disable T-Cleaner from a database of malware? Download link: http://sweb.cz/Marinus/T-Cleaner.exe Thanks for your time! Sincerely, vyosek - Counselor forum viry.cz