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  1. I have found a keygen on the net, if you would like it to start black listing serials. I have yet to buy malware antibytes but I came across this on my surfing around the net and have tested it and it seems to work so if you tell me where to upload it to, I will give you the keygen to start removing keys. -illusion
  2. Just make sure u dont download threw the link, just get the license then they have a link on that page to the download so u can get an english version to use the license with. I am testing it out now due to you all saying so much about it. I really dont like the interface vs NIS 2009 interface. But I going to test it out. -illusion
  3. http://kingofgng.com/eng/2009/01/13/free-6...ntivir-premium/ Read the page it links u to the register page and tells u what the German means. -illusion
  4. Norton 360 is to heavy on resources even then new verison in beta, last time I tried it. Norton internet security 2009 , is much lighter. I dont know what to do. lol I never get a virus anyway, lol nor malware , I download some on purpose just to test out security. -illusion
  5. Right now they are handing out 6 month licenses of that avira premium. -illusion PS. I cant decide what software I want, besides malwarebytes of course. I have NIS 2009 and now I license to avira errr.
  6. I would like a edit button because I dont seem to see it on here anywhere or any option. I find mistakes in everything I post and like to correct my message that I am trying to get across as I notice mistakes but I cant. -illusion
  7. I will admit , I was impressed the first two computers I fixed by only needing this product. Ran others but they detected nothing after this product ran. But from experince I run scans at least 3 times before declaring any product to have done its all. Hopefully more computers break down and call me so try this product against the next threat in hopes to buy a license each computer it fixes. To support the cause of course. Last comment under my lunch -illusion Ps. Dont drop your cookie and go looking for it, because someone else will eat your lunch. LOL, Point meaning keep up the good work be best at it and you'll be reward as long as greed doesn't get the better of you.
  8. I never know what computer I will be fixing. As a independent person, I have had to go into safe mode using malwarebytes to install and then hope to god it is update enough to remove enough just to be able to boot windows since windows seems to freeze up this one guys laptop every time he gets malware, last case was like 43. It is literally not able to be used , you just have to turn it off by holding the key. So from that stand point I started looking at Vista PE in hopes everyone will be on vista to use. So I dont know about malwarebytes being less powerful in safe mode but it really is the only way I can get enough damage repair before I can even boot into windows and when this doesnt work anymore. I hate to image a machine, back in the day, I had to reimage alot because non of the tools in market were effective enough, Spybot to me drop the ball and so many others. So as I take income in, from malwarebytes sololy , not my only tool , but sololy fixing a machine I plan to donate money just by buying pro verison. Will have so many licenses depending on if this ever repicks back up on the side then I know what to do with. -illusion Ps. Just my view, I hope malwarebytes doesnt drop the cookie and let someone else eat their lunch by looking for the small cookie. LOL , ok I am done