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  1. I needed to download OpenGL for my pc but when the download popped up i hit next and next then i hit download. After that when i hitted download the pc started freezing and making a strange sound like that was also freezing. Freezing took like 2 seconds and pc ended up in Restart and windows said windows has restored from a critical problem. Any Suggestions?? Master123
  2. Mbam Staff Im Back To The World Off The Malware Hunting I was doing rechearch on hacking things in my lan and see how they work like obfuscating crypters ect.... Master123 :D
  3. Hi. You Can Try Run HijackThis and combofix. HijackThis. ComboFix. Good Luck master123
  4. Im Currently Collection Malware :) Offcourse on a other Special Research PC in a rar file (away from banking ect)
  5. Im Currently Using Mainards one The Red One very nice Thanks For Sharing All! Master123 :)
  6. Malware Hunting! & Looking for Malicious Websites!