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  1. Is there any way to go back into the log files and see what files where quarantined/deleted? I suspect a root kit placed itself on a file that my Vista OS needs to boot from in the Boot Configuration Manager. Now the OS won't load. I've tried the Disk Repair 3 times, showing no hardware errors.. I hope my HD isn't bad. I now have it (the HD) pulled from my laptop (dell inspiron 1750) and plugged into my desktop via serial ATA internally. The information I wanted to save is there (thankfully), I've ran Avira (freeware) and Malwarebytes (freeware) on it. I did have both of those programs on it and when I initially caught the AntiVir Dr. Virus I was only able to delete pieces of it. I am afraid that I deleted file that is needed to load the OS b/c now the system doesn't load. Thoughts???
  2. How long should a full scan last on average?
  3. I go to run Malwarebytes and it doesn't open. Instead I get a pop up box that says" Error Loading Database Line: #65578.(0). Click ok. When I click ok it just closes and nothing happens. Scott