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  1. Hi Guys, Unfortunately I think my PC has been infected although I do not have a clue why. The symptoms are pretty conclusive : - Starting PC normally : BSOD within 10 seconds "IRQ Not Less blablabla" - Starting PC Safe mode with Networking : won't boot at all - Starting PC repair : "No problem found" - Starting PC safe mode : No regedit "admin blocked blabla" even runas admin dont work, USB drives do not show contents although I just put the Malwarebytes tool on it (even after attaching a drive letter to it, it just seems empty (didn't try bios USB legacy mode yet, might that be needed in safe mode?). Safemode does not show a BSOD tho thank god. So I am having some issues following the "I have been infected" guide as I cannot transfer the files to my pc. Any ideas ? Thanks in advance. Some extra info that I just thought about. 1 time i had a chance to open my Task manager just before the BSOD, I saw 2 fishy processes : drweb.exe 0602.exe Before I could scroll the list, BAM : BSOD.