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  1. Shy I can see you are an advanced user so dumb yourself down for just a moment. One thing I feel very strongly about is how anti-intuative and misleading it is to navigate these marketing sites for the Novice to Average user. If the internet is to be used as the purchase medium for this fine product. There is a very strong probability some people will be lost on these host sites and click on the wrong product. Typically have navigation bars pre-invoked for browsers not wanted. I know some of these links imbed legitimate products that are not wanted and serve as spam warez at best and are very hard to remove without using HJT. For example go to: Click on "download free version" and you will get a run of different sites, depending on what's available possibly due to bandwidth and traffic. You could get this: or CNET which is worse. The Download button for other products are much more prominent that the requested program. Also where is the little footnote to tell people that flashing security bar at the top of their screen must be pressed to allow permission to download from this 3rd party site? Sites like major geeks and CNET thrive by people pressing wrong links. The more downloads more profit. So one can hardly fault them for trying. All I am saying is I have no problem navigating these host sites. But I know many do and its just time somebody put their 2 cents in for what its worth.
  2. This product was highly suggested to me so I dl it and was pleasantly surprised at what it picked up and how my computer performed after the full scan. I have recommended it to people, and provided them with the link. But I get the same complaint. The host sites for malware bytes are misleading. People tend to typically press on the "download now" link which is NOT for malwarebytes and end up d/l some second rate trojan infested program that has nothing to do with malwarebytes. It is YOUR link that directs people to these shady host sites. There has to be a better way. I find it disgusting and no longer recommend mbytes to people because of the complaints I receive for recommending it in the first place. I think its time you take a look at whose links you direct people to from your website.