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  1. Thanks very much. Two questions follow: 1. Can either of these be downloaded free of charge and is one better than the other? 2. Is there an alternative to Aboutbuster that will work well? Before downloading and installing Aboutbuster I got another one which I cannot remember the name of now, and after running the scan it turns out I had to buy it to have it clean and right now money is tight so i got rid of it. With the results of this scan, it showed a lot of entries from a company called Viewpoint but no specific reference to AboutBlank. Once again, thanks for your input. Eskimo13
  2. Thanks for your quick reply... I'm using Windows 2000
  3. Hi, I'm just seeing this forum for the first time. I downloaded Aboutbuster a few minutes ago and went to run it at which point I got a box called "Open With" and I don't know which program to choose. None of them make logical sense to me. I see that About buster is a zip file. Does that mean I have to have something like WinZip? I had a trial version of that several months ago but did not buy it, and I don't think I have anything similar. Surely you can tell I don't know what I'm doing. Any guidance you can provide as to how to get this thing running, I would appreciate. Thanks, Eskimo 13