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  1. Hi,Just out of interest maybe i have mbam pro on two comps and they both updated (1.6 that is)and after that it said there was a new version . I went through the updater and it also said 14 days out of date when finished...but then again i have always seen this behaviour so it was nothing unusual. Very pleased with everything about the new version and it adds a bit of colour next to the red Kaspersky icon.
  2. Hi,OK that cleared up that for me nicely thankyou as opposed to the previous post (open it and see whats in it). Regarding the files that were quarantined and removed from the folder....Well Kaspersky popped up after a couple of hours or so to say it was a false positive and suggested they be returned from where they came but by then i had reinstalled MBAM and all was well. Thankyou for your explanation and help.
  3. Hi.....I have put the mbam-chameleon.exe folder in exclusions as you suggested. Does that folder include the Firefox.exe and Svchost.exe that that were also quarantined along with it? Also there is a there as you can that included in the mbam-chameleon.exe folder?
  4. Hi....My first post here is to confirm a false positive as similar to the OP happened on my computer with Kaspersky. There are a couple of posters in the K forum who had similar(1 in virus section and 1 in normal forum) I thought this was initially down to Kaspersky but seeing the OP had Zone Alarm its probably down to an MBAM update imho. Also i have MBAM and KIS in each others exclusions zones as advised by AdvancedSetup and that made no difference on my rig. Apologies if i am wrong on that.