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  1. Avira + MBAM.... perfect or not? Avira's detection capabilities plus Malwarebytes' removal powers....
  2. Oops... no edit button. I did some quick changes to the picture, and it looks slightly better, I hope.
  3. I created a picture/icon of Malwarebytes a long time ago, and decided to share it... Please excuse the blurry effect and the ragged edges, as well as the lack of innovativity; I actually got the idea of the picture from a rogue antivirus program's icon.
  4. It would be great to have these features; all the security software I know of do not have features 2 and 3, with the exception of ComboFix....
  5. I was wondering if the following features would be practical to have in future versions of Malwarebytes. They most certainly would be useful. 1. A fix center. If the task manager is disabled, or the control panel, it would be useful to have a shortcut in Malwarebytes to tweak the registry quickly. Not sure if Malwarebytes' scan already does this, as I know it fixes malicious settings. 2. Ability to replace infected files with dummies. This way, if there are startup references pointing to the infected files which are removed, there wouldn't be errors on startup. 3. Ability to restore proper working copies of important system files if system files are infected. I know that the sfc scannow command would be recommended, but if only explorer.exe or winlogon.exe is infected, Malwarebytes could replace it. Best Regards