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  1. so I tried what you suggested, with the batch file. It took me forever to get into windows this time, now I can no longer get past the login screen without it crashing, Im going to go get a new external, backup and reformat. I did get to run the batch and here's the results: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows] "AppInit_DLLs"="wbsys.dll nbupiy.dll C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\hulahake.dll c:\\windows\\system32\\rawijeku.dll c:\\windows\\system32\\zekizuma.dll" "DeviceNotSelectedTimeout"="15" "GDIProcessHandleQuota"=dword:00002710 "Spooler"="yes" "swapdisk"="" "TransmissionRetryTimeout"="90" "USERProcessHandleQuota"=dword:00002710 "LoadAppInit_DLLs"=dword:00000001
  2. I get Antivirus 2009 as a pop-up, but it doesn't seem like its been installed fully on my computer except for a folder in "Program Files"(the av2009.exe is in the folder). I do, however, get problems when using firefox, generally it shuts down when started, and the rare instances when it does work I can't access any spyware help sites. I also can't install any software to aid me except for a few unknowns. When I try to install hijackthis or even the highly recommended MB Malware remover, the files execute, are visible on the task manager, but they don't run. This happens for both of the above. Occasionally windows won't boot properly from the login screen, and when it does go past the system crashes the minute I start using firefox or anything heavily reliant on the internet. I was at one point able to use Adaware and Spydoctor, and showed that I have the Virtumonde trojan on my computer. Now, however, I can't use either since the system crashes when I start either of them up, The temp-fix has been to install ubuntu and start searching for soulutions to my problem. I would like to know if there is a way to install MBM from ubuntu onto my windows system folder, if its even possible or necessary. Before the system was crashing and everything seemed to be fine, I was able to use the browser, but when I would search through google the browser would first redirect me a different search site. After hitting back I would be able to go the site I was looking for, and because of this in the beginning I paid little mind to the threat. It later evolved to the link opening up in a different tab, and refusing to let me click on the link. The site I was getting redirected to had a 7*.7*.7*.7* IP in the front of the url. This would be happening when I would use google. I have a feeling that Im going to get suggestions to use HJT, but I can't install it on my computer, the malware wont let me. I have tried installing other anti-spyware but I cant even get to the install screen with some of the most popular cleaners/removers out there. help. a side note: I did remove the AV2009 folder from my computer, but knowing spyware that means jack