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  1. Ok, sorry for sounding paranoid. XD I was just worried.
  2. Also, on the purchase forum it asks for address, it's a digital download, received via email, why do you need to know that? It gets charged to my credit card and then the credit card company knows my address so they bill me.
  3. Now, when I go to the buy screen the url has ip in it, does that mean they are logging my ip address? Though, since I signed up for the forums I guess you already know my ip.. http://www.malwarebytes.org/lp/pirates/
  4. Thank you sir for all your help.
  5. Wait, how do I swap out the serial for a good one?
  6. Ok, and I am in no way a pirate, I just took a gift from a friend who gave it to me, I have spent over $500 on games so I think $14 for a truly awesome piece of software is a drop in the bucket.
  7. *Hangs head in shame* Ok, I guess this is time for me to come clean, I recently updated my mbam and now I have the "Oops, your license may be pirated" Malwarebytes is truly an awesome piece of software and I would love to continue to use it, I will pay the $14 for it, just one question.. By clicking the "buy now button" is that, for the creators a confirmation that the piece of software is...*gulp*...stolen? Does that mean black apache hellicopters and unmarked SUVs will come to my house and arrest me? (semi sarcastic) I got the serial from a friend, who honestly said he was gifting it to me, and I took it, I wanted to have the awesome software and at the time I didn't have the money, and after almost two years shamefully depriving you of your snack money I have been found out. I honestly will buy it, I have my credit card ready, I'm just worried once I hit buy and enter my card the FBI or NSA will come to my door and arrest me, like is this a ruse? I have NEVER pirated anything else in my life, everything is legit on my computer, no cracks, stolen serials (...sadly except mbam) and I just wanna have this set all legit. I am truly sorry, at the time I knew what I did was wrong, but it was the "sweet! free software!" mentality. Please, I meant no one harm.
  8. Also, I forgot to mention that since they bought it as Best Buy they have (or had, I forgot) Geeksquad so they took it to them and, now this is what she said I cannot say whether this is correct or not but she said that they were going to charge them $400 due to the "severity of the problem". Now, I'm not going to go on about what I think of best buy and their methods but I'm thinking that half of the $400 is so that they could just re-install windows because they didn't want to spend the time on the computer. Also, yes, I did click "watch this topic" so I can be informed of any new posts.
  9. Hello and I just wanted to first commend the developer of Mbam for his great work, I truly love this tool. Okay, I am going to help fix my friends computer tomorrow. What she described is that about a week ago her older sister was using er laptop and there was an "alert" that said "warning 120 viruses found, click here to fix" so, of course she clicked the "fix now" button and now she can't use ie without it closing immediately and also she is getting innendated with so called "security fault alerts" now, I don't have the laptop with me right now but tomorrow I will use my computer and possibly reply to give you some more information. I believe the OS is either vista or xp, she said the laptop is about three years old, she said it had/has an antivirus but whether it was a trial or if they ever updated the signatures it unknown as of now. My question is what do you suggest my plan of attack is, I'm guessing run Mbam first hen wait to see if it cleared it up? Please help me make the right choices. -Ryan
  10. Bump Do you still require assistance? If not this post will be closed due to inactivity.
  11. Hm, your hosts file checks out clean, did you do the proxy server check I also suggested? Also, what version of windows are you running.
  12. Okay, did you check your hosts file? If not then navigate to c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc and there you will find a file called "hosts" click on it and open with notepad, once you do that then look for any entries that have this next to it if you have a website marked like that eg: google.com then you probably have an infected hosts file, also check to see if you have a proxy server set Many networking applications in Windows use the same network connection settings as specified in your, "Internet Options" within your control panel. Not all of them do however. This is probably why Firefox works when IE doesn't. It has it's own connection settings instead of relying on what is specified in the control panel's, "Internet Options." Go in to your control panel and open your Internet Options. Under the, "Connections" tab, you can select, "Lan Settings" and uncheck the, "Automatically detect settings" checkbox. In fact, most configurations will benefit from not having it checked as the speed at which your system initially reaches the outside world will improve since you will be skipping the detection process. Unless you specifically know that you need that option checked, un-check it! Same goes for the other options in that tab. Un-check 'em unless you know you need the automatic configuration script (and know the URL to enter) or the proxy settings. Good luck!