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  1. Yes, thanks, that sounds very good for scheduled scans in off hours, which is what I'd be doing anyway.
  2. OK, but for me with scheduled scans, I'd want another option that's silent until a problem presents itself, which on most systems is going to be very nearly the same thing. I would think that would be a very popular choice, too, since the alternative seems to be manually looking at logs every day (where close to 100% of the time you'll find nothing) or, like you pointed out, having something taken care of automatically (I'd rather do it myself). In the latter case, does it even bother to tell you that something was removed, or is that silent too? If it doesn't, I definitely wouldn't set it that way.
  3. Maybe I'm misunderstanding something, but that seems odd to me. Why wouldn't the silent option--or another option I may not be aware of--not bother you until it finds something? Are the choices really "never show me anything" and "always show me something"?
  4. Restart (I'm assuming one) is even needed in W7. I wonder why.
  5. Unless I'm missing something, it's either complete silence or a notification of every single scan? This thread is also asking much the same question: Surely there's a way--I would think it would even be the default way--to only notify in the case that it found something.