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  1. Hi daledoc1, like I said before I was doing some tests with the new version 1.70 on a virtual machine which is running on a personal computer. I'm only on a demo version of Malwarebytes Pro. And I have the Novell client on this virtual machine because sometimes I do some works at home. So it's just a pure accident that I stumble on this "problem" if it's one. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know. Have a good day!
  2. Hi, I was recently testing the new features in Malwarebytes Pro 1.70 on a virtual computer where the Novell client is present. I found out that the feature that prevents the execution of files when the module is booting is freezing my computer. The reason is that in my login script there's a small exe that is launch at the end of the script. And Malwarebytes is blocking it. Because of that the desktop never appear and the system is completely frozen. To bypass this I had to disable the feature that is blocking the execution of files during the booting process. I just want to let you know of the problem in case you have customer running in a Microsoft domain or a Novell network who exhibits the same symptoms. Guillaume
  3. Hi, my Daemon Tools Pro, file DTPro.exe, is getting flag as a Trojan.Agent. To make sure I installed Daemon Tools Pro v5.1.0.333 (Trial) and MalwareBytes Pro (Trial) in a VMware Windows 7 image and I get the same result. GBoucher mbam-log-2012-07-22 (10-42-24).txt
  4. Hello, I found a false positive today with the file mencoder.exe in the folder win32 from the application PS3 Media Server v1.52.0.0. I have attached the Malwarebytes Log file as per requested. I have been using this application since version 1.30.1, which is 9 versions, without any problem. The download can be found here If you need any further information from me please do not hesitate to ask. Thanks in advance for the help! mbam-log-2012-03-23 (22-42-18).txt