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  1. I like to have notifications on but I have a problem with the lock screen. When notifications are turned on when at the lock screen it covers up any information that I want displayed there, for instance my personal message. I have the personal message on my phone displaying my home number so if the phone is lost it can be returned to me, but with notifications turned on, it blocks that from being seen. I am on a galaxy s4 with android 5.0.1
  2. Its happening again, only way to fix is to turn off website protection and turn back on. Just in case it helps firefox is using Primetime Content Decryption Module provided by Adobe Systems, Incorporated 17, to play the html5 content. When the issue happens I can't load the main site or any of the videos, but i can access the help portal.
  3. Thank you so much firefox, that seems to have helped, its now downloading and installign the updates so thank you so of the suggestions was the windows update troubleshooter, this time for some reason it worked.
  4. since the 12th I have not been able to find updates, I have reset the service by using command prompt and using the commands, net stop wuauserv and net stop bits, deleting all the files in the softwaredistribution folder. I have run the fix it tool from microsoft and I can't seem to get it to get past checking for updates. I was finally able to get it to generate an error code: 0x80070057
  5. Alright will do thank you. As for back ups, I have a 3tb external, I plug in just to back up documents and what not,
  6. Just out of curiosity why would I remove that roxio entry, that software is part of the disc burning program that came with my laptop. Also how would I remove it. The steam issue, was caused by me ,same with the error reporter, I killed the process. As for that drive, issue I have no clue, i only have the one solid state drive in the computer. That being said the error looks to be at the time malwarebyes popped up stating that it couldn't get the root kit driver working for the first time, it asked me to reboot the computer which it did. But on reboot all I got was a black screen and malwarebyes open with it running a scan, which it couldn't give me the results of. As for Java , the computer came with Java installed I did uninstall it though,
  7. Here are the logs you asked for. I Ended up having to do a clean reinstall of mbam,, for some reason I was getting Error code:20026 Unable to load rootkit driver. CheckResults.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  8. For the last few days I have been having issues watching netflix, after watching an episode of something or a movie, When I try and go back to the main page or even the next episode, I get a message from firefox telling me server not found. turning off web protection and turning it back on causes the website to load normally, at least until I finish another episode.
  9. I am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong but, you could either turn the computer off and unplug it or reboot the computer and then safely remove the device.
  10. I havn't rebooted the computer yet, windows is trying to download updates at the moment, I will once thats done downloading, hopefully it doesn't happen. Rebooted computer, seems the issue has been fixed. scheduler is normal.
  11. The logs are with the multiple tasks in the scheduler, I did do a clean reinstall just now, but that was after i got you the logs. the reinstall I did a few weeks ago, seemed to help with a previous issue I was having, I just thought I would mention that issue just in case it might be related.
  12. Here are the log files, I also forgot to mention a few weeks ago i was having troubles with malwarebytes starting up, it refused to open on turning my computer on one morning, I could get chameleon to run but it wouldn't run normally, I did do a clean reinstall and turned on the self protection and that seemed to help. I recently turned off the self protection though because it was flooding the event viewer with chameleon error messages. Addition.txt FRST.txt CheckResults.txt
  13. I have noticed lately that the scheduler doesn't seem to run my threat scan even if its missed, I have it set to run at 10am and run if its missed by an hour. When I check the scheduler I notice a list of like 20 threat scans all with exact same settings, when I delete one, it deletes them all. Added a picture so you can see what I mean, these logs seem to change on every reboot.
  14. Sadly we can't work on malware removal on this section of the forum, please follow the link to get free help to clean your computer.
  15. The other option is to turn notifications off completely, I would advise against that though.