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  1. Mieke, Yes the FP has been corrected, Also duly noted about sending logs and not posting screenshots.
  2. Hi, Adguard is a reputable program and today one of it's drivers was detected as a PUP see here hope it can be fixed.
  3. Thanks to both of you for the information and clarifications on my lifetime key!
  4. Thank you for your help, I appreciate it VERY Much!!
  5. Hi daledoc1, My key is displayed in the 2 part version on my account with an ID component and then the Key component both displayed as I stated in my original post. I only learned about the NEW key version reading the forum here. I don't have the new version and was wondering since I bought my original lifetime key on Amazon as I said how I would receive the NEW key version (Which I haven;t received). Again it shows activated & lifetime so maybe it's not a worry, it was just a license question I didn't think you were saying I was using it on more than my 1 computer, I was just asking what the lifetime key restrictions were, I actually assumed or maybe read it was a 1 computer license and never even tried it on my other 2 computers which I have MBAM free on. Again much appreciated your reply,
  6. Hey daledoc1, Thank You for the reply OK *IF* somehow I get a new license key to replace the OLD format lifetime license key, I'll certainly save it in a safe place. As I said I'm only using the license on my 1 computer, free version on the other 2 but thank you for how my license can be used!
  7. Hi All, Two license questions: Using Version I installed today. 1. I have a Lifetime License with an identifier component and a key component and I'm reading here on the forum that that will change. I bought my Lifetime License through Amazon, how will I be notified of the new key format and what the key is or don't I need to worry since it shows activated and lifetime? 2. How many computers is my Lifetime key valid on as I have 3 but I am only using it on 1 computer currently, can I use it on more than 1 computer at the same time or is it only valid on 1? Thank you for any advice/help, Steve
  8. Hi, You most likely need to go into Avira configuration and temporarily Uncheck this option Then Malwarebytes can do it's thing, then recheck the option in Avira! Hope that helps,
  9. Hi, Thanks for the quick response, much appreciated, I'll wait, seems like many other problems reported on the version...
  10. Hi All, The exclusion list seems to replicate itself over and over. I cleared the exclusion list then added exclusions for Avira and EMSIsoft EAM process executables. Then after a day or two, the exclusion list shows the same exclusions but repeated over and over like 4 or 5 times, what is going on?
  11. Hi All, I'm using Malwarebytes V1.65.1.1000 on Win 7X64 system. I'm currently running a scan using Microsoft Suspicious Removal Tool(MRT complete scan Oct 2012) and the system is going crazy. When I look at what is going on in Windows Task Manager, I see MRT.EXE using a lot of CPU and MBAM is also going crazy also right behind it, how to I add the MRT.EXE to the ignore list? I can't seem to find the file or the process anywhere in MBAM? I googled it should be in Windows system 32 NOT there, any help please Steve
  12. Thanks very much, my reply is slower than my Malwarebytes Tray Icon HaHa. That makes sense, to stop conflicts! Steve
  13. Hi Everyone, Have a new computer with Win 7 ultimate 64 bit on it & I noticed the tray icon does not appear for Malwarebytes for nearly 2 minutes after every other tray icon has been in place. Is this a problem, if so what might be causing this? I never experienced this on my old XP machine 32 bit Malwarebytes was nearly one of the first tray icons displayed. Certainly NEVER 2 minutes behind every other program on the system? Any Idea's, Thanks, Steve
  14. Hello All, I'm using MBAM V1.41 and there seems to be only an option to "start protection". This enables TWO protections, the protections module and the IP protection module! I wonder if others like myself would like 2 options on the protection tab? One for start protection which I don't want to use because I have other protection guards running on my system. Then a 2nd option for start IP protection which I want to always enable because no other vendor offers this. I realize I can right click on the ICON in the system tray and disable the one protection and keep the other IP protection running BUT a choice would be better on the protection tab I think. Any chance you could implement that in a future release? Thanks for listening, Steve
  15. Hey MysteryFCM, Thanks for your info and response about a firewall. I've NEVER used a firewall before (Well the Windows XP firewall) but none other. So I thought I'd keep it simple, there were 2 or 3 free Firewalls I looked into and I choose the free Zone Alarm, no reason other than it was simple to implement on was forum. I installed it and after a day or so, all my legitimate programs trying to access the internet were there in ZA outbound. I was surprised by the number of INBOUND things trying to access my computer, at least 40-50 a day blocked. Since I installed ZA Free, there has NOT been an outbound IP detection by Malwarebytes, I wonder if the INBOUND traffic was creating the OUTBOUND IP alerts? Anyways, thank you very much for making me a "Somewhat Smarter" computer user! Steve