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  1. So do I need to run MBAR separately still or is the full functionality of that now incorporated in this new version (assuming I manually tick the check for rootkits box) ?
  2. I've just used the internal updater to go from 1.12 to 1.14 and it downloaded the new version, then the updated definitions, then disappeared and I had to manually restart the program. This has been happening for many versions but I thought it was just my PC playing up, but maybe not after reading these threads.
  3. Fair enough.. I've passed my MCSE & CCNA exams and work full-time at a fairly high level in the I.T. industry. I'm sure I could be an asset to your "hidden" forums.
  4. Please define "Experts" in the context of your post? I'm an expert in I.T. but do I qualify as one of your "experts" ??