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  1. i just notice on a machine that malwarebytes is 10 days out of date , why isnt malwarebyes setup by default to update new defenitions in the background like eset nod32 eset realy made me happy when i dont need to get a hundred dialogs that says you need to update, with nod32 it goes painless in the background, even google chrome updates to latest in the background so my wish for santa is that malwarebytes updates in the background painlessly
  2. have Malwarebytes perfected time travel? or did the aliens arrive in their labs
  3. this is not the IP block issue, read what i wrote in the first post
  4. i know but its annoying to get the same message every single time i resume from sleep.. i get like 4 dialogs when i resume from sleep after a bunch of times
  5. no need to worry, it can happend to anyone ;=)
  6. well, am not a spammer, and the problem is a genuine one the problem is "i get already running dialog" when resuming from sleep i dont know that you guys are crazy about, but TechPowerUp is a big tech site, and i do not use the MBAM Pro IP blocker, why? blocks on sites that *might* be spam
  7. i get this when i resume from sleep
  8. its annoying to get alot of mbam already running dialogs when i set my laptop to sleep! anyone else got this annoyance?
  9. or i have to -- slap someone to send me one hehe
  10. please put MD5/SHA-1 hash up there to, so we know its the right file, HashTab can do that for you
  11. turn off website blocking and see if that helps fixed my slow network speed and computer slowdown
  12. who in their right mind would use Dial-up in 2010? i dont
  13. i get this error when logging into a standard user account not administrator account
  14. so laptops wont lose their mobility while running malwarebytes realtime protection and scheduler
  15. well, realtime protection is the best reason to buy mbam, so you dont need to manualy scan web site blocking is done by (with mozilla and google behind) if you use firefox or chrome anyway