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  1. Thanks for this. I can confirm that this fixed the issue I had.
  2. I have the same issue on one of my systems. Interesting enough, the one which I upgraded Win 10 to anniversary update MBAE runs fine, however, the one where I did a clean install of Win 10 AE, MBAE just doesn't start. I've done a clean install of MBAE to no avail.
  3. To be honest, I've had a few detections from the malicious website blocking that ESET did miss. I've never had a detection triggered by ESET and MBAM together, usually ESET detects it first so MBAM doesn't get involved, although MBAM is important as a second layer of protection since it's designed to catch files which your Anti-Virus misses. It's important to also remember that MBAM doesn't target all file types and you should run an Anti-Virus with it.
  4. Just to weigh in here: I have been running Eset Smart Security alongside MBAM Pro for atleast 3 years and have had no issues. No freezes or locks at all. Ofcourse, I have created exclusions between both just to be on the safe side..
  5. Just wait for MBAM team to release a new database update, that should fix it.
  6. I'm also getting this... Seems like a false positive.
  7. It was a false positive which has been fixed. Update your MBAM database. Refer to this topic :
  8. Thanks. Just needed to update the database.
  9. Same issue here. Seems like a false positive web detection.
  10. Updated to Windows 10 on release day and MBAM and MBAE have been running without any issues for 3 days now.
  11. Well, it would be best for your diagnostic logs. It doesn't seem the issue you are having is related to the "update on reboot" as Firefox stated. Therefore, the issue could lay somewhere else in this case. I'd advice you to try a clean install using the mbam_clean utility which will completely remove MBAM (you'll need your license details again to re-activate) and re-install MBAM and then activate. If that doesn't fix it, the diagnosic logs would be the way to go.
  12. Disable the scheduled task of update on reboot. It's a known bug that when it's enabled, MBAM will open up in the task bar. It should be fixed in the next release.
  13. Read: INSTALLATION Simply download from our website. The link as always is and you can install on top of your existing installation. In a week or two we'll start activating the automatic upgrades, so if you prefer not to do anything, simply relax and wait for your MBAE to upgrade itself.
  14. ... It's just started working. Wasn't working for an hour.
  15. When I try to download it from here I get an invalid request. Seems like a dead link at this time to me.