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  1. Thank you for the directions, which I followed in the Registry.Did find in C-prgram files - Malwarebytes Antimalware folder(Mbamservice.exe REG_SZ)S campatiality box box for Windows 2000 WAS CHECKED, UN CHECKED SHUT DOWN, REBOOTED (3 times) and then checked the Protection Tab, - BOX STILL POPS UP 'PROTECTION DISABLED' It is still unticked. THAT DIDN'T WORK. What Next? Thank you for your initial responmse.
  2. When I click on the Protection Tab, the box shows RED Protection Disabled. The enable filesystem protection box is un-checked, also the 'Enable Malicious website blocking' box. I have shut the Pc Down, re-booted 3 times- nothing-, Un-installed- re-installed. Still doesn't work. I have run all of the Chamelons..Ran Malware Scans, my AntiVirus. All other boxes are checked. What is the problem. I would appreciate help in resolving it. Thank You .Taz CheckResults.txt dds.txt mbam-log-2012-10-08 (07-03-24).txt
  3. WHY - when I run my updates, too often, your server doesn't change the currrent date. I am on EST, and before I go to work, I run my updates, and I get some downloads, but the Date Of the Up Date doesn't change, and at times remains where it was before I updated. Then, I have to run update (Just to get your date of the update to change, to show correct date of the day it was done. I am on EST, and it appears your server is NOT awake to what day it is. Have to run update again 3 hours later just to get the date of the update changed to current date it was run. WHY: Example: I have to run my update at 8:00 EST just to get the date to change of the update. It is wearing me out!
  4. Hello Mad Dog Vee: Not specifically in regard to Vundo or the others, but you may have seen where someone who has a trojan or virus etc, and the person assisting us to delete on a forum, asks for a Hijackthis log. I assume you are familiar with the program Hijackthis. You may want to download it, run a scan: print out a copy of the scan-then:( It is from Trend Micro Inc.) (Hijackthis) It is good to be familiar with Hijackthis - There is a website that helps in understanding and interpreting the Hijackthis scan. What to look for, how to delete the item. There are "3" parts. (tutorial of removal processes) www.malwarehelp.org/understanding-and-interpreting-hjt1.html. Note the letter 1 just before the html. That is the first part. It will take you to the others. When you compare this tutorial with your own hijackthis print out that you down loaded, you will should have a good understanding, because hijackthis seems to be where it starts, otherwise they don't know what or where the varmits are at. Good Luck!