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  1. I asked if you had* a Dedicated Team, not asking about DRM. I was actually getting annoyed with Malwarebytes, Trend Micro deems it a threat, and even though I have ignored the threats and allowed the installation I still feel it has done nothing for me, blocks websites that are also legitimate, and for me I found it a waste of money - sure it works, but it is also illegally used quite heavily. For me I'd rate Malwarebytes at least a 7/10 - it has improvements I think should be implemented though at least fightining KEYGEN harbourours is a good sign I have seen, I had noticed one KEY from a year ago that was still active recently so I am really not sure if Malwarebytes has any dedicated team to fighting this, though anyways in the best of luck let us hope it improves.
  2. I suppose you are right, the only logical thing to do from now is to continue blacklisting the KEYS that are deemed to be of bad use (pirated licenses) - I know many other companies are under the same belt of KEYGEN activations, such a same people must resort to low levels to get the product at no cost, even though they are stealing, nothing is different from stealing it online as opposed to stealing it in a store. Regardless, don't you have a dedicated team to sort through licenses or do online searches to see what licenses are in use, or to even look at KEYGENS that are currently online to sift through those KEYS to look at blacklisting them?
  3. Technically, it is on a torrent website - so realistically speaking you won't eradicate it as it will only spawn on another website, I understand the way you work on these and it's good to see but I feel something like this would not be fully eradicated which is a shame.
  4. Hello, I've noticed many new sites that are offering 'Serial' activations for Malwarebytes, it is quite annoying seeing that we have had to buy these versions ourselves and other people are taking advantage of the offers that are provided, I did notice when we activate our versions there does not seem to be any form of a connection (could be wrong) to the server that says thank you, your version has been validated and is now operating the full version. Instead you insert your activation and in a millisecond it states you are now activated, is this a way that these people get away with these theft of activations, I decided to try one myself recently as a result and it activated and updated without any issues, I do have a full paid version if anyone wants to validate (however, this was all done for testing purposes) to see whether or not they were actually working the same way as the PRO versions do, no surprise it works fine. Does Malwarebytes blacklist these licenses or how does this operate?
  5. Hello, I was just wondering why does "Malwarebytes" conflict with my "Trend Micro Internet Secuirty"...? I was installing Trend Micro from using Norton recently and I got alerted their was a conflict between the two programs and that I should remove Malwarebytes so the installation could continue. Not sure why, but I mean it was annoying that I had to remove it but you can simply re-install it after Trend Micro has been installed so no big issues. But is there any reason why this is the case?
  6. Sooner or later one needs to upgrade to a new OS as older OS systems become out-dated and then non-supported by their suppliers (ie; Windows 95/98 and ME). Windows 7 is perfect, it is way better than Windows Vista and that is a true fact, I think it was way to glossy and overly bloated which brought it down quite a bit. But if you do upgrade away from Windows XP - you may start joining the current revolution