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  1. had my acer erased back in nov 08. comp repairer installed avg, malwarebytes, spybot s&d, micro defender, micro tool remover. i have never had any infections found from any ones scan. i know i have infections because my mouse moves on its own. paid again for infection removal in december. i see that there is supposed to be a list display of all found (cookies etc.) I have never seen this list display. when malware scans(at the bottom on the screen) it shows fakealert.msg, pornbho.ru, win32keymaker, smitfraud, hotbar, ms.redirect, cydoor, backdoor,googchi, virtumonde,zlob,e.blaster,downloader, etc. ? should it be displaying only these types or should it be displaying all of the computer files( ex. outlook, temp.files, ). am i infected or do i not know what malwarebytes looks like? comments welcome. thanks