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  1. Thanks, exile360! I will try the %1.
  2. With such method, I need to define the full pathname of every downloaded files prior to downloading them with download manager. It would be troublesome as their filenames themselves are always changing. Is mbam.exe capable of recognising placeholders such as %1 or %L?
  3. Hi, I wish to assign MBAM to work together with my download manager. To put it simply, the scenario I am expecting is that as soon as the download process is finished, the downloaded file will be scanned by MBAM automatically. What is the possible command line for that? Leaving /scan alone takes me to nowhere. Then I suspect there should be some sort of additional switch placed there, but not -quick, -full, or -flash. It is more like the one with custom scan from context menu.
  4. Unfortunately, you are late, pal. It is already taken.... by me. I am the appointed Indonesian translator and I have created the dedicated topic in the Translator Lounge. You should not have put your proposal here from the very start as this is not the proper place to enlist as a translator.