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  1. Just checking in as it has been a few days since I've heard from you.
  2. Hi Paul, Sorry for the inconvenience. Detection will be removed in the next update.
  3. This isn't the scan log. The scan log will have a "mbam" prefix in the file name. example: mbam-log-2016-08-10 (18-17-24).xml
  4. Those components are only available in the premium version. There should be an "Upgrade Now" button in the top right if you did want to use those features.
  5. Hello Staticguy, The detection is valid / not a false positive. HackTool.KMS is a name of a Windows cracking tool used to make Windows operating system appear as though it's a legitimate/genuine copy. ->
  6. Hello and welcome to the forums. Sorry but we don't have a whitelisting program.
  7. Hi, Thanks for reporting this. It will be removed in the next update.
  8. Thanks. Log looks as we'd expect. Treat as malware
  9. I don't see anything that would prevent such major OS issues like you've described but go ahead and run the following FRST fix using the fixlist.txt attached to this message. Attach the Fixlog.txt when finished. Are you using Microsoft OneDrive? If so, is it working? Update MBAM and run another scan please. Attach its log when finished. Let me know of any changes in the computer's behavior when finished. fixlist.txt
  10. FRST logs are clean.
  11. JRT

    Hello Hexeon, It's the first time this has been reported as far as I know. JRT most likely closed this process during its Processes scan. In any case, I will whitelist what I suspect to be the process in a future version. Thanks for reporting!
  12. Thanks for being honest about this. We do however require that you uninstall KMSPico before receiving additional assistance. You should be able to remove KMSpico via Control Panel -> Programs and Features. Please read the following for further clarification regarding our stance on Piracy: Once you've removed KMSpico. Please rescan with FRST and attach both FRST.txt and Addition.txt. Then complete the following: Will worry about this later on. Complete my above instructions first please. Thanks for the updates regarding everything else.
  13. Fixed in database v2016.08.18.10 which is available now. Thanks again for reporting.
  14. We can do this as well if that's all you wanted, although, I don't recommend it as there weren't any false positives according to the scan logs you provided. You'd just be restoring malware onto the system. I think it's the Windows crack tools being used that are hindering your experience with Windows 10. Let me know what you decide and I'll try my best to assist.