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  1. I have several clients that have been listed as "Threat Detected" for a long time now (months). How can I reset that status so if there really is a new threat detected in subsequent scans, it will again toggle on and I can then know to take action?
  2. On one of my WinXP Pro machines, I've been running MalwareBytes for years (Pro version). For quite a while, svchost.exe has steadily consumed more and more memory until eventually a restart is required to reset its usage. I've finally narrowed it down to the MBAMService service. Stopping that resolves the issue. I had one daily update scheduled, a weekly full scan, and daily quick scan. Flash scan upon update was not enabled. I have not witnessed the problem on my Windows 7 Home Premium PC. Nor have I noticed this problem elsewhere. Note, just because it's an issue with "svchost.exe", this does not pertain to the "svchost.exe" trojan - sorry if your search for that brought you here. Thoughts?
  3. Found my answer, it was later in the results of my search for "Vipre" . . .
  4. Regardless of opinion regarding the quality of Vipre (by Sunbelt Software, now GFI), is it compatible running along with MBAM? From the Vipre side, they've always maintained to never have any actively monitoring "anti-virus" software running along with Vipre. It's much a matter of semantics that MBAM isn't a "anti-virus" utility per se, but I'm just asking for concrete info on if the two running together are a viable configuration.