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Due to increasing requests for Malwarebytes to take a more aggressive stance against Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) we have done exactly this, you can read our official statement HERE.

Also, please check the PUP Criteria HERE why this software has been listed as PUP.


If we have listed your software as a Potentially Unwanted Program and you wish to dispute this please contact us at legal AT malwarebytes DOT org. For the subject please include the detection we are using for your software and your primary domain.


Please be advised that we are not listing PUPs as malicious or dangerous, only as the words are defined, Potentially Unwanted. Evaluation will be based on the following criteria:


How often do users intentionally install your software? <- This does not include default check marks in bundleware that we all know people don't read and usually assume are part of the intended application.

Once the user sees that your software is installed and sees that it can be removed, how often do they intentionally remove it?


Do users typically refer to your software as malware/virus/other non-benign label?

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