the app restore files to its restore file in documents not the original path

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the app restore files to restore file in documents folder, how can I put the files in their original foldres where they came from (applications files for example)

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Hello and welcome to the MBSB support forum.  My name is Nan and I will be helping you today.  


When you recover a backup, you will have the opportunity to select "Include original path" during the restore configuration.


On the Restore tab, click the Restore button, select "Online restore",

Step 1:Search for backup to recover from: Select the attributes from the choices on that page, (date, size and/or filename)
Click Next.
Step 2: Select backups: If you have not select by filename, choose the file(s) you wish to restore.
Click Next.
Step 3:Set your recovery location: This is where you will check the appropriate destination for the recovered file(s) in the "Default location", "New location" or "Include original path".   
Click Finish.


This information is included in the MBSB User Guide in the chapter titled Online Backups on page 14.  For your convenience, I have included the PDF document for you attached to this post. 


Let us know how this works for you.




MBSB User Guide 8 March 2013.pdf

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